How to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time

If you are reading this and have a home to sell you will be interested in this. Recently I have been talking to homeowners and they say Debbie, every room in my home needs remodelling, I need to sell but I can’t sell and buy at the same time and I tell them instead of spending money on rehab projects, start building a new construction home. There is a time-line that you now have to move out and move in that can be set. As your Agent, I will know when to put your current home on the market you will move out of current home when its under contract and into your newly constructed home. Lets talk about this and then I can start sending you home plans every week and go to the home models and view when you are ready. Lets talk about all your options.

PS: Don’t pay to much to a real estate agent when buying or selling a home. I will explan when we talk.

Thanks Debbie Warford, Broker/Owner/Author

1. Don’t Go into a Builders Model home without your Realtor.

New Homes in Prosper Texas
Frontier Estates–Prosper, TX

Teaming up with a Real Estate Agent that works with all the builders in your area of interest is critical. Let’s put an old myth to rest right now. You won’t get a better price for a home without a Realtor, in fact, you may get a worse price or a worse home. The builder’s rep job is to sell homes, so if they have a home that is not selling they are going to pitch that home first. Don’t go on a big financial decision without YOUR Realtor.

2. Reputable Builder with Quality Control and a Hands-on Approach.

Let me say this again, your agent will know the best builders. You don’t know who has been sued for bad foundations, or bad plumbing, but your Realtor does. Does the builder have dependable and reputable sub-contractors? We’ve found that a builder that uses the same contractors over a period of time gives them the known quality control and better service after the sale. This also reduces the risk that something may arise causing construction delays. (The other biggest reason for delays are the actual homebuyer who changes their selections or can’t decide).

3. Select a home plan that has been designed for today’s lifestyle! 

New Homes in Prosper Texas
Whitley Place–Prosper, TX

Let me tell you the Biggest Tip of them all right now. Buy a home that will sell easily 6 months from now. Why? Because life happens. When you call me and tell me you have to move and you need to sell your home, I don’t want to have to tell you that we are in a buyers market and no one is going to buy your home that backs to the busy highway, or that the living area is too small, or that the master bedroom is upstairs or that there is no back porch, and that no one likes carpet in the dining room. Nobody likes dark cabinets anymore, the list goes on and on. “If you are my buyer that I am assisting to find their home, you would be given the advice to never buy any home with these “Cannot” sell characteristics. Why? because we may be in a buyers market when you need or want to sell and there can be 20 other homes and NEW homes the buyers will have on the market to choose from and they won’t be choosing your home.

4. Invest in the kitchen.

Update the kitchen, if it’s in the budget, island with storage, quartz countertops instead of granite. Light-colored cabinets with Smart cabinetry (soft close drawers, tile backsplash, under cabinet lighting, quality appliances including a gas range). Investing in wood flooring in most of the home except in wet areas will help with the wear and tear over time. More and more homebuyers are selecting a pre-finished wood floor or an engineered flooring product. (Tile backsplash and wood flooring can always be added later if it’s not in the budget right now) Must have a Master bedroom downstairs, another guest room is really nice, but master and study is a must.

5. Location, Location, Location! 

Finally, another important factor regarding the resale potential that is also arguably more important, is the location of the home. Is it located in a growth area where people will be moving to in the future? Does the community offer amenities today’s homebuyers want? Pool, walking trails, open space, landscaped common areas, and have nearby restaurants and schools, and recreational amenities. These SubDivisions have HOA’s that feature architectural guidelines and covenants that help assure the homes around you are built with similar quality features that appeal to today’s homebuyers, which should help your home continue to be in demand down the road. 

Please don’t see new homes or buy a new home without your Realtor. If you live in the Dallas, TX area or moving here, please call. 214-636-7138 or schedule an appointment.

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Article by Debbie Warford, Nationally Recognized Real Estate Broker/Owner/Author. Home Solutions Realty is in the Top 250 Real Estate Offices in the US for REO Sales.