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Top Realtors in Frisco TX Why use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home? A house is generally the largest investment that an individual makes in their lifetime When it comes time for you to sell your home, the bottom line is “ Am I getting the best price for my home?” In an effort to save money and maximize return, many people decide to go with “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO).

It seems easy enough until you begin to look at the massive amount of work and uncertainty involved. Add to that, national statistics show that 80% to 90% of FSBO properties eventually list with an agent As you begin the process of selling your house, you are faced with the following questions. What is the right price? You also need the best real estate agent in Frisco.

What about marketing my home? How do I make sure I’m dealing with a qualified buyer? What about the contract? The services of a qualified real estate professional will be able to answer these questions What is the lowest price the home will sell for in its current condition What is the Highest Price I can get For My home in its current condition? What items in my home can be repaired that will significantly improve the sales price?

How many homes have you repaired & do you have Resources to help me with these repairs This is the question that 90% of the agents will not be able to give you an answer My answer is…

I, Debbie Warford, have rehabbed 57 Homes I have the resources to help you inexpensively, improve your home to get more money from your home sale Trim trees, install flooring, fix foundation install a new sink, whatever your home needs and the list goes on and on. I will be able to show you properties comparable to yours that will help set a fair and competitive price on your home. I consider myself the best real estate agent in Frisco.

I am the only agent that can say they have rehabbed 57 of my own homes and own 30 rental properties.

We can determine if making the improvements will Provide a Return that you will be satisfied with. In today’s market homes in need of repair do not sell well and will most likely land an investor’s offer which is considerably less than a buyer wanting to buy to occupy Variables that will increase a home’s value over the average Sold Prices include a pool, new flooring, new appliances, recent roof, HVAC units, covered porches outdoor living centers. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, lot size, renovations, and other amenities.

A Good Marketing Plan is far more than putting a sign in the yard and an ad in the classifieds Advertising includes Facebook, Google PPC Ads. Social Media Accounts Do you want to work with a Franchise Agent that has no money to advertise and must give 40% Plus of the commission to the Company This is so important but Sellers don’t take the time to understand it takes money to sell your home A BIG name doesn’t get your home SOLD, MONEY for advertising does.

I own Home Solutions Realty a 34-Year-Old Real Estate Office which is a Family Owned Business I recently was interviewed by the local networks regarding how I am driving so many buyers to see my sellers homes, it is the technique where to place ads and how to write ads but bottom line its MONEY This multifaceted marketing plan ensures that your property is seen by scores of the potential buyer.

Running Successful campaigns means that your home will sell quicker and for more money, more views, means more offers. This converts into a successful marketing strategy every time. Finding Quality BuyersLendings tough out here, it takes good credit to get a loan, buyers that want to buy your home better have a good Lender to help them purchase

The lender provides them with downpayment assistance programs for homes up to 410,000. That money is FREE no payback Your Agent Better is an expert negotiator, Why? Because it pays! It gets you higher offers, fewer repairs requested by the buyers Provides, you with peace of mind, knowing you have the best in your corner. I provide invaluable assistance, getting your home listed for the best price possible Obtaining Buyers, to see your home, Getting the Best Offers presented and having you pay the very minimal after Inspection In addition,

I provide, Professional Photography, Professional Videos made and distributed on the Internet. Copy Writers for all the high dollar Ads and PPC Advertising. I am the Best Real Estate Agent in Frisco TX. I think you are starting to see why. Let’s Talk about Your Plans. 214-636-7138… Thanks, Debbie Warford… Enjoy Your Day. Call the best agent in Frisco TX

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