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Building a home on a Purchased Piece of Land

Buying & Building

This is becoming more popular especially for those that don’t have to commute to an from work every day. Lots of Americans work from their homes offices and they want to get away from the city life.

So, they buy an acre of land a bit out of the city, just close enough that they can enjoy a trip shopping. The land is purchased along with the assistance of a building contractor they need the building contractor to make sure that infrastructure can be developed there.

Meaning we need septic system, gas lines, waterlines and electrical lines and most likely garbage services. The contractor, has the knowledge and the resources to make sure that all of these services will be available BEFORE you Purchase the land.

I as a Real Estate Broker will help, I know all the greatest contractors and we have to find the land for the contractor to review. Also, I have got to find out from you a few areas of the countryside you would like to be and within the price range you want to spend and find this piece of land that we can all go to

But getting a little ahead of myself, we have to talk to the contractor and you have to tell him about the home you would like him to build. Then he can tell you the Price it will cost to build on the land.

Then you can speak to the best Construction Mortgage Brokers. They  found out from the Construction Company that they can build the home for 300k and that you can borrow 500k Now I can find you a piece of land no more than 200K.

So now all the plans are in place. Lets go find this piece of land .

I’m excited about this way to buy a home. How about you?

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