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Buying a fixer Upper

You buy a home below market, live in the home and work on the home room by room. After Completing you can live and enjoy or sell the home. You must have guidance, I have helped investors purchase over 1,000 homes in my career and I have rehabbed over 57 homes myself.

I know what I am doing, and want to help you learn how to create wealth with Real Estate.

Guidance from an experienced Real Estate Professional, who is also a successful investor, will make your investment success move along quicker with less issues.

  1. Your best scenario is for the home to qualify for Conventional financing so that you can purchase as an owner occupant.
    If the home will not qualify for conventional financing then you will be purchasing as an investment property and the interests rates are higher with more down payment money required.
  2. You want to make sure that you are buying a Great Deal, no money pits. You want to buy with a good margin so that you can rehab and resell and make some money.
  3. You need contacts, contractors, plumbers, flooring experts, roofers, electricians that work with investors and charge inexpensive rates. You are not going to find these folks on Google

You also need Rehab money, Down Payment money. You Need People. If Fixer Uppers are not of interest to you, Keep reading these are 4 more ways to buy a home. Interested in talking with me about Fixer Uppers. Let’s Talk 214-636-7138

If you think you need more help read on about “
Buy a New Construction Home ”.

If none of this interests with you, give me a call anyways and let’s talk about finding a customized solution for you.

Interested in talking with me. Call and setup an appointment for me to come to your home and meet.  214-636-7138