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Buy a Pre-Owned Home

This is what the majority of Home Buyers do they buy a home from a Home Seller, that has their home listed on the MLS

Buy a Pre-Owned Home

They choose a Pre-Owned home for several reasons, lets discuss.

  1. Less Expensive than buying a new home
  2. Take advantage of a home owners previous upgrades and remodels, like pools, outdoor living centres
  3. There are not any new homes to purchase in a price point they want
  4. Not any new homes in the area of the city they want to live

Homebuyers may want to buy a home in a school district they want their kids to attend, close to work, close to relatives that watch their children. There are many reasons to purchase a home in a specific area

What I need to know, to help you, is where do you want to live within this large Metro area of Dallas TX?

What type of home would be perfect for you?

Have a lot of guests? You would like a guest bedroom and bathroom. Need at least 4 other bedrooms, maybe no formal dining but 2 study’s would be perfect. We also need to talk about financing, do you need to buy in an area with 100% financing?

Would free, no pay back down payment money interest you?

The majority of home buyers are looking for homes that everything is move-in ready, purchase, back the truck up unload and start living. However, there are lots of Home Sellers that sell their home with bad countertops, bad flooring, bad paint, no landscaping, no upgrades anywhere.

These homes end up with High Days on Market. Here is what may be of interest to you, what if we found a home with that outdoor living area that you have been looking. The seller left and the flooring was terrible throughout and all the buyers went in and walked back out.

I have helped investors purchase close to 1,000 homes in my career and I have rehabbed over 57 homes. Lets get the seller to pay for your wood floor installation. Or we could ask for the money to be paid to you at closing. Or we could ask for a reduced price of the home.

Whatever works out best we could look at all those options together. We are going to take advantage of all of these situations to our advantage Let’s Talk 214-636-7138

If Pre-Owned homes are not of interest There are 2 more ways to buy a home.

If you think you need more help read on about “
Buying a Home that is not on the Market in the MLS ”.

If none of this interests with you, give me a call anyways and let’s talk about finding a customized solution for you.

Interested in talking with me. Call and setup an appointment for me to come to your home and meet.  214-636-7138