Better Known as For Sale By Owner

Buying a Home that is not on the Market in the MLS

You won’t find Many Real Estate Agents mentioning FSBO homes because they might not get paid. Let’s Discuss this Briefly

When a home is listed for sale in the MLS, a buyers agent commission is posted. That says that the listing agent is going to pay the buyers agent. But when a home is not listed in the MLS, there are no guarantees that the buyer’s agent will get paid.

Buyers can use the listing agent but you won’t save any money. You are just giving the listing agent double the money and you have no representation at all since the listing agent works for the seller.

Let’s take a look at FSBO homes, its easy for me to show you these homes. I call the For Sale By Owner and schedule an appointment to come and see the home and determine if it is what you are looking for. Let’s say you need a home that has 4 bedrooms upstairs and the master downstairs.

I will also be looking at all the other items that you are wanting your home to have. If you agree that the home sounds like something you would like to see. I will set up another appointment for all of us to see the home. I believe that there are many homes that get passed by that would be perfect for buyers but the Realtors are afraid they won’t get paid so the buyers never get to see them

There is one more thing I need to say about For Sale By Owner Sellers

These homes are most likely marked high, the seller gets Dollar signs in his eyes, he is looking to get Lucky.

Don’t worry, we can go in-depth about all the appraisal issues, but I am an expert negotiator. You will always be able to make a reasonable offer to the seller.

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