Do you dream of working for yourself, right in your own home? If so, this is a great time to get started. Right now, people all over are looking for opportunities to work from home on their own schedules. Running a home-based business allows you to do just that – not to mention, define your company’s future.

However, not all homes have the space necessary to run a business. Here’s a look at how to figure out if your business needs more room, and how Home Solutions Realty can help you find it:

Look Toward the Future

It’s entirely possible that, in the early days of running your business, you won’t need a ton of room. For most businesses, the first few months are spent drafting mission statements, creating a website, and figuring out if you need to register your business as an LLC. This typically won’t take much more than a laptop and a notebook to knock out.

However, it’s not just your startup days that you need to think about. For example, if your business is the kind where you’d need to bring in clients, where will you host them? You’ll have time to figure this out during the pandemic, as you can simply default to video chats for now, but eventually people may want to meet in person. If you’re making or selling goods, you’ll need a workshop and inventory space down the line. Take some time to visualize your business’s future and ask yourself what your needs will be when that future arrives.

Evaluate Your Current Home

Once you have a sense for where you want your business to go, you should evaluate your current home and see if it has the space. There’s no right or wrong answer here: It all comes down to your business and how you plan to make it work. As you take stock, remember that it’s not just a question of physical space; the qualities of that space matter, too.

For example, if you need a workshop, you might assume an unfinished basement or garage can do the trick. However, you may need to have your electrical system analyzed to ensure it can handle your energy needs. Many homes (especially older ones) aren’t wired for business-level equipment. Overloading them can cause electrical damage or worse.

Similarly, not all rooms for an office are created equal. If you decide to meet clients in your home, can they enter into your office directly, or will they need to come through your home? Not only is the latter a bad look, it’s an invasion of your family’s or housemate’s privacy. Remember to think beyond the square footage and focus on the functional aspects of your home.

When You Don’t Have the Room

If your home doesn’t have the space for your business, but you absolutely want to run your business from home, you have two options: build an addition, or buy a new home. Building an addition or auxiliary structure can be a great fit, but you should check local zoning laws before you get started. Moreover, pick a contractor with a lot of experience designing and building this type of project: Poorly-made or unsightly additions can lead to major dings in your property value.

If you decide to buy, start your journey by turning to a trustworthy real estate agent from Home Solutions Realty. Trying to navigate the market on your own is unwise, as you won’t have the resources to find the best homes available. Moreover, an agent can help you keep track of your wants and needs, ensuring you find a home that works for your personal and professional lives.

Starting a home-based business is an exciting journey, and we’re excited to be a part of it with you. Whether you’re making space in your current home or looking for a property where you can grow, keep an eye on your future as you go. With the right forethought, you can take your business far.

Looking for a guide to the housing market? Home Solutions Realty is here to help – reach out today!

keep an eye on your future as you go. With the right forethought, you can take your business far.

Looking for a guide to the housing market? Home Solutions Realty is here to help – reach out today!

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