What is so special?

Mortgages for Little to No Downpayment.

Homes that are off market or not listed in the MLS.

Cash Back to Buyers and Sellers from participating agents like Debbie Warford with Home Solutions Realty

These refunds are known as commission reimbursements from me
as your Real Estate Agent. …

This is Jack. Jack is a dedicated firefighter who just sold his smaller home and purchased a new home while saving a lot of money.

Texas Area Firefighters Real Estate Program

How did he do this?

Jack participated in the Firefighters Real Estate Program. This is just for Firefighters and EMS Real Estate Savings Program. You can participate too if you are a firefighter or EMS, have been, or are a family member.

By participating in this program, you enjoy benefits such as lower commissions paid when selling, or having your closing costs paid when buying a home. You can even benefit from exclusive interest rates.

Firefighter and EMS personnel and their families dedicate their lives every day to serve their community. Now it is time to give back to them through this special program, which reduces closing costs, provides down payment assistance options and offer reduce real estate commissions.

There are also additional programs available for other local government workers. Top Real Estate Industry Professionals have volunteered to participate, providing their expert services at significantly reduced rates. This results in huge savings to the area Firefighters, Teachers, Police, All-City/County Service Personnel.

Jack is enjoying his new home. The family used the money they saved to enjoy additional perks, like the new TV they purchased for their new media room. Jack also helps his colleagues by spreading the word so that other Firefighters may also enjoy the benefits of this Real Estate Program.

Are You a Firefighter or Other Service Worker, Teacher, Postal, EMS, Police, Looking to Buy or Sell a Home?

Call or Text the word “Firefighter” to 214-636-7138 and we’ll send you the fast and easy signup information.

Or fill submit the form below and we will get the participating lender in the service personnel mortgages in touch with you right away!

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