Home Auctions are Leading the Way for 2020

Luxury Home Owners have auctioned their homes for years, because they could sell quickly, with little hassle and still get top dollar. This hasn’t been the case for all sellers. Average homeowners have been unable to take advantage of the auctions until now.

When selling a home via online auction, the seller does not pay any commission. There are online platforms that allow you to list, and or bid on other house for sale easily.

How does selling your home on auction work?

  1. We schedule an open house for buyers to view your property and advertise and market this for two weeks.
  2. We have the Open House on a Weekend to attract more buyers.
  3. After the open house, we open up the online bidding for buyers until the following Thursday at 5 pm.
  4. If an acceptable offer is presented, the buyer’s agent will submit a contract as usual to the listing agent.
  5. The seller can choose if they accept any of the offers that have come through. And if so, the deal is closed.

submits a contract as usual to the listing agent.

Are you interested in getting your home sold via online auction? Or just want to learn more? Now, you can text the word “auction” to 214-636-7138. This service is only available in the Dallas, Texas area.

Want to walk through the pro’s and cons? Or start preparing for an online auction? Schedule an appointment with us today.