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If you ARE A SELLER: The seller pays 3% to the buyers agent and you will pay me the listing agent 1%. EX: your home sells for 400k you will pay the buyers agent 12k and me 4k.

If you ARE A BUYER: You get 4k back to you at closing on a 400k home purchase from me your buyers agent without me you get nothing

One of my latest posts:

Nothing like a sellers market to bring out every “scam, trick, gimmick” to get homeowners to list their home for sale with them. Problem is that the sellers don’t get to see all the after sale charges on the settlement statement when you are sitting there at Title ready to close and litigation claims from the new startup agencies that are offering these services.

I have been offering for the past 20 years a reduction in commission, still doing this, but the difference is you get FULL SERVICE NOT NO SERVICE. So if you want to be another SELLER that falls for this go ahead an call these agents that just got their license 6 months ago or contact me that has been providing FULL SERVICE AT REDUCED COMMISSIONS FOR 20 YEARS. Don’t pay to much to a real estate agent when buying or selling a home.

Pictured above, Trevor and Mandy bought a home and got back $7,500 from me, Whether a buyer or a seller, Let’s Discuss, No Gimmicks, I am just giving back to my community for my 20 years real estate service in DFW Area.

“I was hesitant to hire an agent that promoted refunds back to me at closing I thought the service might now be what I expected. After both selling and buying a home, I thought the service was great and exceeded that of a full priced broker, I am fully confident in referring Debbie to anyone wanting to list or buy a property. Thanks Again Janice Adams”

These refunds are known as commission reimbursements from me as your Real Estate Agent. …

How Commission Reimbursements Work

If you are selling your home, you pay the buyer’s agent 3% and the listing agent 3%. This is the customary rate in the Dallas Area, 6% to sell your home. NOT WHEN YOU WORK WITH ME.

Important to note, buyers never pay a penny of commission, that is why it’s unusual for a buyer to not be represented by an agent. If a buyer calls the listing agent, the listing agent gets the full 6% and you get no representation. Avoid doing that to yourself.

Here are a few examples of scenarios where a commission refund is given.

Example 1:

You are looking for a home to purchase. Let’s say you purchase your home for $400,000.

As with most transactions, you will go to the title company for closing as the buyer. The closing statement will say that a commission of $12,000 (3% of the final sale price) is owed to the buyer’s agent.

How I am giving back? The closing statement will instead read that the buyer’s agent will get $8,000 (2% of the final sales price). The other $4,000 will be a credit to YOU the buyer from ME your buyer’s agent. …

Example 2:

You decide that you want to sell your property for $400,000. In normal circumstances, you would pay the full 6% of commission.

How I am giving back? The closing would instead read that the listing agent would get $8,000 (2% of the final sales price). The 12k would go to the buyers agent.

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