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The Corona Virus has been hard on all of us, so I am giving back to my community where my family has had a real estate office for 34 years.

Pictured above, Trevor and Mandy bought a $500K home and got back $7,500 from me, their agent in lower commissions. Whether a buyer or a seller, Let’s Discuss, No Gimmicks, I am just giving back to my community for my 20 years real estate service in DFW Area.

These refunds are known as commission reimbursements from me as your Real Estate Agent. …

How Commission Reimbursements Work

If you are buying a home, the seller pays the buyer’s agent (your agent) a commission, which is the usual 3% of the price the home sold for.

If you are selling your home, you pay the buyer’s agent 3% and the listing agent 3%. This is the customary rate in the Dallas Area, 6% to sell your home.

It’s important to note that buyers never pay a penny of commission, which is why it’s so unusual for a buyer to not be represented by an agent. If a buyer calls the listing agent, the listing agent gets the full 6% and you get no representation. Don’t ever do that to yourself.

Here are a few examples of scenarios where a commission refund is given.

Example 1:

You are looking for a home to purchase. Let’s say you purchase your home for $300,000.

As with most transactions, you will go to the title company for closing as the buyer. The closing statement will say that a commission of $9,000 (3% of the final sale price) is owed to the buyer’s agent.

How I am giving back? The closing statement will instead read that the buyer’s agent will get $4,500 (1.5% of the final sales price). The other $4,500 will be a credit to the buyer from the buyer’s agent. …

Example 2:

You decide that you want to sell your property for $300,000. In normal circumstances, you would pay the full 6% of commission.

How I am giving back? The closing would instead read that the listing agent would get $4,500 (1.5% of the final sales price). The other $4,500 the listing agent would have received will be a credit to the seller from the listing agent. …

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