10 Home Improvements That Offer Sellers the Best ROI

Today’s homebuyers want “move-in ready” homes, they want the home to be attractive and they care about the home’s, mechanicals and structural improvements they aren’t that ready to tackle home improvements

Here are the Top 10 Repairs and home improvements that Provide the Greatest Return on Investment according to the 2018 Remodeling Industry Statistics

  1. Exterior Paint 98.3%
  2. New Carpet 97.1%
  3. Covered Deck Addition 82.8%`
  4. Minor Kitchen Remodel 81.1%
  5. Wood Floors in Living Areas 76.6%
  6. Window/Glass Pane Replacement 74.3%
  7. Bathroom Remodel 70.1%
  8. Kitchen/Bathroom Flooring 70.1%
  9. Fence Replacement (wood) 69.5%
  10. Roofing Replacement 68.4%

Mechanical and structural home improvements may not be the sexiest home trend, but it’s hot – and getting hotter.

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