Luxury Home Owners have auctioned their homes for years, knowing that they can sell quickly with least hassle and get Top Dollar until now it hasn’t been possible for the average homeowner to take advantage of auctions. NOW YOU CAN text “auction” to 214-636-7138 only available in Dallas TX area.

No Commissions for the Seller. HUD has been selling their homes online with this online bidding and Buyers Premium for years. Now you can use this same platform.

Here is how it works.
We market your home’s Open House for 2 weeks
We have the Open House on a Weekend
We have online bidding open for buyers until Thursday at 5 pm
The Seller does not have to accept any offer
If an acceptable offer is presented the buyer’s agent
submits a contract as usual to the listing agent.

Interested in getting your home sold via online auction
Call or Text us to get in touch with you 214-636-7138