The Home Selling Process is not a secret: Location, Price and Condition are the 3 key factors to Selling Your Home.

However, there several questions that sellers have.

These 5 Questions Are Asked By Sellers, according to a Recent Survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

  1. What is my Home Worth
  2. What Home Improvements Sell homes Quicker and for more Money?
  3. Is This a Good Time To Sell?
  4. How much does it Cost to Sell a home?
  5. Where do I Begin?

Sellers Number One Question is Home Value

Specifics of Home Value

#2 What Home Improvements Will Help Sell My Home Quicker and For More Money

Home Improvements Sell

#3 Is This a Good Time to Sell My Home?

Market Reports, tell the Seller if an area is in a Sellers Market, meaning high demand for homes, or a Buyers Market, buyers can buy homes for less. Across the Country and here in the Dallas TX area we are in a SELLERS MARKET

#4 How much Does it Cost to Sell a Home?

Example Sellers Net Sheet

Did you know that First-Time Buyers make up 31% of all home Buyers?

Did you know that the typical buyer is 47 years old and makes 96,500 a year?

#5 Where does a Home Seller Begin?

Keep Researching and Checkout:

Ways to Sell Your Home

Interested in $Money Back$ From Lower Commissions When Selling or Buying? Go Here to Read Details

Did you Know that 18% of Homebuyers are Veterans?

Military Home Buying Assistance

The Average Buyers main reason for selling is the Home is too Small

36% of Homes Sold Above list Price in February

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