Who is this for? This program is for all Buyers that want a “Good Deal”

Good Deal means that you want to purchase a home below market, rehab the property as you want and live in it.

Investors can utilize this in their fixer-upper program also.

Who is this Program not for. It’s not for a buyer that wants a new home or a home that has already been rehabbed and willing to pay for a turn-key property. This includes the majority of homes that are listed in the MLS.

One BIG NOTE for you. If a seller knows you can close in 5 days you are in a major negotiation position.

Let’s Read On…Fixer Upper in mind

Everyone has looked at Home Auctions online to buy a fixer-upper. Doesn’t take long to notice that all the best deals are on online Auctions and Local Investors in every market, have one stipulation, you must close with Cash in 5-7 days.

For the majority of workers in America that is not a reality that we can ever make happen.


Let’s discuss how this happens so you can buy your own fixer-upper.

First, you need to work with our Experienced Real Estate Agents in Every Large City. Since I am in Dallas TX. One of the Top Real Estate Offices in America is right here. Home Solutions Realty has been selling Bank-Owned homes since 1984. They are “real” buying and selling experts!!!

All the investors in the Dallas area, email available homes to Home Solutions every single day.

We know there are homes to buy, this also works for buying any home listed in the MLS and all For Sale By Owner Homes believe me if you can tell a Seller that you can close on a home in 5-7 days you WILL get a negotiation going in your direction.

Before placing an offer on any home. We have to get Financing in place to be able to purchase a home in 5-7 days. There are Hard Money Lenders around and that is an option but not a good one. Let me tell you why!

Hard Money Lenders Charge a small fortune for their loans and its very hard to get Rehab money. Not every home needs a large amount of Rehab but with our lender rehab money is available for all sized projects. Next what makes all of this be so Good For You is the Ability to Buy a home in 5 days with Cash, Rehab the home and Refi with a 30-year mortgage. YOU CAN’T DO THAT WITH ANY HARD MONEY LENDER IN AMERICA.

To Get Started you need to text “Fixer-Upper” to 214-636-7138

Our lender will contact you and you can go over the price of the home you would like to buy. They will check your credit and verify your downpayment money usually, you will need 10% downpayment money.

Once the lender says you are ready to find a home. He will direct you to one of our highly experienced agents to help you find the right home for you.