Interview Questions that Debbie was asked during the January 2019 Real Estate Radio Network Interview.

Debbie thank you so much for being here today
What sets Debbie apart from other listing agents?

I have succeeded in over 100 transactions per year for 16 years straight!

I want your property to be sold at the best price and as quickly as possible with the minimum effort on your side. This means that I bring to the table a complete Team and all my experience, excellent customer service, and a complete system package that any seller dreams of when trying to sell a home and every buyer needs real expertise.  What I mean by expertise is that I have rehabbed 57 homes to date and have owned 30 rental properties. I have real, get your hands dirty home expertise in every phase of buying and selling.

Tell me some specifics of your marketing plan

Working with me to sell your home brings you a detailed and carefully selected marketing campaign that is just the right angle for your home.

What I mean by that is that when I first go to your home. I find something that sets your home apart from all others. I want a marketing angle. It’s easy if your home has a pool to market but most homes don’t have pools, you can’t market wood floors if everyone has wood floors, so what does that home have? That marketing angle is what sells homes.

How are you able to accomplish this so consistently?

I have the necessary financial resources to lead an efficient marketing campaign and a huge team to help me make it happen.

Internet Traffic…I get thousands of Local Buyers to see my sellers home. Traffic that is generated from Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Youtube Ads, & lately Instagram Ads has been fantastic. Also,

1. Targeting through social media channels content to the right customers takes real marketing expertise.

2. Making high-quality videos with the most flattering Professional Photographs make a Big difference in customers wanting to see someone’s home.

3. Detailed customer analysis to spot who wants the property more.

4. Lead-capture forms that make your buyers wish to see your home.

Debbie thanks so much for spending time with us today. If someone needs to reach you what site should they go to?