32 Important Coffee Statistics That You Should Know

Debbie Warford
Debbie Warford
Published on May 30, 2020

Over the centuries, coffee has grown to become unanimously accepted to be the beverage representing sophistication, hard work, and refined pleasure. For much of America’s modern history, coffee has evolved from being just a beverage to become a cultural symbol of the unbreakable American spirit

Coffee is widely consumed by lovers of all ages for relaxation, its stimulatory effects, and the unbeatable taste of the finely prepared beverage. Coffee statistics show that the amazing beverage is widely accepted globally and has also gained prominence as one of the most important commodities being traded all over the globe.

Coffee consumption statistics by the state show that the beverage has also helped to create large fortunes and stable jobs. Employees of large coffee companies and baristas owe their livelihoods to this fantastic drink.

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