Homes that are Great Rentals

Debbie Warford
Debbie Warford
Published on February 3, 2020

Nearly half of Gen Z buyers and 40% of millennial buyers who purchased a home in the past year say the opportunity to rent out the entire home for future rental income is very or extremely important to them, according to the Consumer Housing Trends Report 2019.

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What makes a good rental home, if you are going to buy and live in it for a while and then turn it to a rental property, these are a few guidelines. 1. Newer Home no more than 10 years old when you Purchase. 2. Home in a Great School District. 3. Home built on an Interior lot, never purchase a home that backs to St.

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Since I have personally owned 30 Rentals Properties and I have rehabbed 57 homes Since 1987

I will give myself the Title of Rental and Rehab Specialist

It’s not just the young buyers of America that know a great deal I have been trying to get their parents to recognize rental and rehab properties are the greatest way to accumulate wealth.

So if you are going to buy real estate or sell real estate would you rather work with a real estate agent that still lives in the first home they have bought, knows absolutely nothing about Rental Property and knows nothing about what your home needs as far as repairs go.

95% of real estate agents have never rehabbed a property. How would they know that your cold water faucet is leaking down the inside of the wall? Do they have a Master Plumber that can inexpensively fix this problem, for you, before selling, so that your home will sell for more money and faster.

If you had rather work with me, Debbie Warford a Rebab and Rental Specialist and Real Estate Expert? Contact me, with any of real estate needs or questions

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