Need Help With a Home Maintenance Project?

Debbie Warford
Debbie Warford
Published on June 2, 2020
Your Home – Need Help With a Home Maintenance Project? Use Your Smartphone Undoubtedly, if you have recently needed to speak with your primary care physician, you’ve been doing that on the phone or via an online meeting. Medical checkups are currently almost all virtual. If you are an active member of the workforce, Zoom meetings have become the new norm as well. But did you know there is now a virtual service that can help you with your home maintenance needs? Enter Hippo Home Care. A virtual tele-maintenance service, Hippo is now offering free help to homeowners so they keep their home working properly while we’re all staying sheltered in place.

According to the company, you can use their free tele-maintenance service to talk directly with a home maintenance professional whenever you have questions or issues in your home. They’ll allow you to schedule a complimentary virtual ‘house call’ with a Hippo Home Care Pro that will help you solve your problem by phone or video chat.

The company has completely shifted to a virtual model for the time being as a service to customers who might not be comfortable having strangers in their house during the pandemic. Customers can schedule a Virtual House Call to troubleshoot specific issues and also use the tele-maintenance service for a complimentary guided Hippo Home Care Home Checkup.

The free service is available to anyone in the U.S. who needs help with home repair or maintenance. Homeowners can visit the company’s website to schedule a time to talk to a certified professional. During the appointment, Hippo’s Home Pros can “walk you through resolving issues yourself or recommend getting professional help.” Calls are set in 30-minute increments, but, should the problem not be fixed, the call may be extended, or Hippo can arrange an in-home service from a local provider, if needed. Customers should be prepared with a general set of tools; screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, adjustable wrenches, and a cordless drill can typically do the trick.  
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