What Questions to Make Sure you Ask Your Realtor

Debbie Warford
Debbie Warford
Published on November 6, 2019

Taken from Radio Interview conducted by Dean Sullivan from Real Estate Internet Radio, with Guest Debbie Warford, Nationally Recognized Real Estate Broker/Owner/Author

Debbie Warford

What Questions to Make Sure you Ask Your Realtor

Hi, Dean thanks for having me on your show today. The question I get asked the most from Sellers is, how many homes have I Sold in this Area. The question they need to ask is what marketing strategies are working right now to get buyers to come to see my home.

See it doesn’t really matter how many homes I have sold in any particular area. What matters is do I have the marketing expertise and the MONEY to spend on effective marketing campaigns to get buyers interested in seeing your home. Is it a good time to sell to get Top Dollar? What repairs or improvements do I need to make to my home to get more buyers interested in buying? Do you have resources that can help with making those changes? How long does it take to sell a home in this area?

Let me talk a bit about this. I need to get 15-20 buyers to see a home before an offer is submitted to the seller for consideration.

Buyers find homes online, then call their agent and say, I want to see this home. So I have to make sure the seller’s home is seen by buyers looking for homes on many more sites than on Realtor.com or Zillow is not good enough social presence. There are so many homes on those sites, many of them have been Sold for months and are not available.

The question that buyers ask me is how many homes have you sold in this area. The question they should ask is do you have a good lender so we can get the best rates? Do you think that we should consider and new home or a pre-owned home? Do you know about home repairs and what to look out for when we are seeing homes? What are the best areas for resale? What are the best subdivisions?

See, what really counts is experience and education and years of service. I have a Real Estate Brokers license. Meaning do you want to talk to the Doctor or the Physician Assistant, that is the difference in a Brokers License and a Agents License. You need to ask Your Realtor how long they have been in Real estate.

Most Franchise Companies, their main source of revenue is getting NEW agents to signup and at least have 1 to 2 transactions a year so they can take 40% of their commission. I have over 100 transactions a year. Who do you want someone with literally no experience or someone with LOTS of experience? There are lots of experienced Real estate Brokers & Agents in every area, don’t use your best friend’s niece who just got their agent’s license last month.

Debbie, thanks again for being on the show. Until next week! This is Dean Sullivan from Real Estate Internet Radio, Good Day!

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