Realtor with Curb Appeal

Debbie Warford
Debbie Warford
Published on October 31, 2019

Taken from Article written by Dean Sullivan from Real Estate Internet Radio, with Debbie Warford, Nationally Recognized Real Estate Broker/Owner/Author

Debbie Warford

Are you a realtor with curb appeal or are you more of a fixer-upper needful of updating? This was the question that I was going to ask Debbie Warford during our Interview. This is what she told me.
How you present yourself to colleagues, buyers and sellers, from the very first moment, will influence sales records, as well as the confidence and satisfaction of new clients. Even if you’re a Realtor in demand, with more listings than hours in a week, here is some of my advice to other new agents these areas I find you can polish forever.
Image is Everything
Like it or not your competence on the job will be judged by the first impression you give your new or prospective customers. Make sure they leave every meeting feeling confident, informed and satisfied with your ability to give them the service they want.
In order to leave a polished, professional impression you must excel in several key areas. Let’s take a closer look at these.
Courtesy Lives
Ask anyone what trait they most appreciate in a salesperson and they will tell you it’s courtesy. Winning salespeople understand that impeccable manners and unfaltering courtesy will lead to loyal clients who will not only speak well of their experiences but will recommend you to all their friends, relatives, acquaintances and even the clerk at the supermarket.
The positive publicity that comes from word of mouth is priceless, long-lasting and your best sales tool. It can’t be purchased but once earned, it will repay you in promotional dividends for years.
Humor is Everything
Have you ever met a person with no sense of humor? Did you find their company enjoyable or did you spend your time looking for the exit sign? Life is difficult on its best days and we all get tired, frustrated and angry but your clients should never sense these things in you. If a difficult situation arises, solve it as quickly as possible. If you keep your patience and sense of humor you will keep your clients too.
Keep Up to Date on Your Marketplace
Successful salespeople know what is happening in every corner of their area of expertise. It is easy to have confidence in a salesperson who knows their market and is confident and professional.
Winning Advertising – Wins!
Do you have a marketing team? Do you have a Photographer? This marketing team should make videos, and write home descriptions and make lead capture pages and send out posts about new home listings, and post home rehabs to all your social media. You can then call your leads and talk to your clients and negotiate contracts and do all the things that you are the best and let them do the rest.
Organizational Style
I have closed over 100 transactions for the past 20 years but who is counting!!! Guess what, I answer the phone. I say Home Solutions this is Debbie. There is no greater “make me smile” that you can do for your client than to answer the phone, if they need you or have a question, they do not want an answering machine or anybody else. Now I am on the phone a lot but you can text me if you get the answering machine but everyone knows that they will get a call back from me really soon. That is what I do! Few businesses have the I care spirit, as we have at Home Solutions Realty, our word means so much to us, I would never ever do anything to misguide or hurt anybody. I feel like you could ask a thousand people, who know me who they trust the most and they would say me. That makes me the happiest person on earth. It really doesn’t matter if sales are booming or depressed, a realtor must be on top of his or her game at all times. The first, and last, impression you leave will be lasting -make sure you are spit shined, polished and ready to deliver outstanding service. If growing your business is important to you – make sure you are a realtor with curb appeal.

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