Smart Lock Buying Guide

Debbie Warford
Debbie Warford
Published on July 2, 2019

Did you ever think we’d be in a time where even your door locks could somehow connect to the internet? In 2019, everything from your door locks, to your lights, to your thermostat is controllable with just your voice. While it might be an obscure idea to be able to control your door locks with your voice and a connection to the internet, the truth is that it’s relatively common and very beneficial. Below, we’ll unlock all the features of smart locks and the potential they have for your home safety and security.

Smart lock offers two main benefits: convenience and security.

What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is similar to a standard door lock in that it requires a lock and key. However, smart locks differ in that the key is either your voice or your smartphone. Picture this: you’re just getting home, and you have to carry in a bunch of groceries or a sleeping baby. Rather than having to fumble for your keys and open the door, you can unlock your door minutes before pulling in.In terms of home safety, the features on smart locks allow your home to be more secure than ever. Although the functionalities of smart locks differ from each other, most of them have a touch keypad, Bluetooth capabilities and the ability to lock and unlock your door through an app. Some smart locks even offer the ability to take pictures, provide surveillance or chat with visitors at your door. 

How do smart locks work?

A smart lock works through a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth, to your phone or mobile device. Your smart lock will come with a corresponding mobile app allowing you to control all its features at the touch of a button. To control your smart lock with your voice, you can pair it with home automation technology such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. Just add your compatible smart lock to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home app to pair the devices, and you’ll be able to control your lock with both your voice and through the app.

Benefits of smart locks

The various features of smart locks provide many benefits for home security. For example, the surveillance feature allows you to capture and potentially identify intruders. It also allows you to monitor porch activity so that you can prevent theft.

If you forget to lock your door upon leaving, you can do so right from your app. Or if you’re out of the house and someone is dropping something by, you can unlock your door for them. With smart locks, you can have a peace of mind if you’re home alone, on vacation, or if you just want to know that you have an extra layer of security.

Perhaps one of the most prominent features of smart locks is that they operate a deadbolt. Deadbolts are a type of lock that offer much sturdier protection than traditional spring locks, particularly against lock bumping. Lock bumping is one of the most common methods of intrusion. It’s when an intruder opens a door by forcefully pushing or bumping against it. Smart locks have a small, sturdy bar that acts as a bump proof mechanism.

Why have a smart lock?

Outside of the ease and convenience that accompany the use of a smart lock, they offer a higher level of home safety and security. There are a lot of unfortunate scenarios that can be remedied by having a smart door lock for your home. Capture and identify a potential intruder situation with surveillance, never worry about unlocked doors after you leave the house and stay at ease with bump proof lock protection. These days, there are better, more effective, and safer options for our homes. Smart locks are one of them.  Read More about safe locks better practices here

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