Stop Foreclosure

Debbie Warford
Debbie Warford
Published on December 27, 2019

Foreclosure Help is Easier the Sooner You Get Help, and You Still Might Recover a Bit of Cash!

Stop Foreclosure

It’s easy to feel helpless when the bank is foreclosing on your home, but it does not have to be that way. There are things that can be done during foreclosure proceedings to convince the bank to allow you to keep your home. You should work with your lender if you are behind on your mortgage and the sooner the better. It is possible as many people are learning every day!

If You’re screening your calls and worried about what you’re going to do if the bank does take your home you need to realize that time is still on your side but you have to act now to fix your situation. It is going to get really ugly as the bank starts the legal process to take back your home. You should understand that the bank would really rather not foreclose. Not because they are feeling sorry for you or they are worried about the kids, it really is a matter of them not wanting to carry your home on their books but again you won’t know until you take action to prevent this from happening. Stopping your foreclosure is possible and will depend on your specific circumstances but just know that you do have choices and you don’t have to lose your most important investment.

Again, the bank doesn’t want to take your home. Your lender doesn’t need a place to live. But you didn’t make your mortgage payments so the bank is in a spot and their investment has to be protected. The bank doesn’t want to kick you out of your house any more than you want to lose it. Money is the key motivator here, so that’s where you need to start to help yourself get out of this foreclosure.

To help avoid foreclosure, you can try to negotiate a payment plan or work with your lender to lower your interest rate, if all else fails you need to sell the home before the bank decides to foreclose. Then you can sell the home to an investor. If you have received the letter saying the paperwork has already been filed and your home will be up for auction soon then an investor cannot buy your home very easily.

The point is this—you need to think about your options and get help. Start by getting the foreclosure help you need today.

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