What is Your Home Selling Score

Debbie Warford
Debbie Warford
Published on November 2, 2020

I am here to be your coach and authority in the field of buying and selling residential real estate. Buyers You Buy based on comparison shopping you have always bought homes that way, Why? because its the best way. Find your location you want and need to live and then get approved to purchase for a certain amount of money based on the payment you feel comfortable with and then you start looking at homes online and then if you have my number you call me and we go look at homes. You go to home #1 and it has the upgraded kitchen and bathroom and the nice floors and nice landscape and its at the top of the budget. Then home # 2 has the upgraded everything just like home #1 EXCEPT it also has a large backyard for a pool in the future and nice covered outdoor living area and it is priced the same has home # 1. House #3 has and upgraded kitchen and bathrooms but has carpet and it a bit uncared for and its priced the same as home 1 & 2. So home #3 its marked off the list and now its down to #1 & 2 and #2 wins because it has the larger backyard and covered porch. Sellers we need to find the Home Selling Score and Marketing Spot for Your Home. Unless you want to be “Marked off the List” Contact me 214-636-7138. Talk Soon…Debbie

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