Every how to Sell Your Home website has this statement… Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent.

Your talking with one of the most Experienced Real Estate Brokers, NOT Agents. As a Broker I have had some serious Training that agents don’t have. I Have Sold 100 Plus homes every year for close to 20 years now. I believe in participating in worthy causes like… the Firefighters Real Estate Program and the Battered Women’s Society.

I joined my Families 34 year old Home Solutions realty office in 2002. Before that I worked for the Department of Defense. I have owned 30 rental homes and have rehabbed as of today 57 homes. I know Dallas Area real Estate! Ok, now that is out of the way.

Lets Make a Plan, hopefully you will see the benefit of talking with me. When I come over to see you and your home. We will need to talk about the condition of the Homes. Ideally your home has already been remodeled or is a recent build, If that is the case then repairs most likely are not an issue.

Lets Discuss, if that’s not the case. Its Determined that the Home Needs one or more repairs. Lets Discuss this a Bit, there are two Levels of Repairs. Level 1, is that the kitchen and bathrooms have not been remodeled in some time. Level 2, the roof needs replacing and the foundation is failing in the front left of the home.

Ok, lets discuss how this changes things

Level 2 problems are deemed problems that must be addressed because the buyer will most likely have difficulty getting a loan. You don’t want to find out -3 weeks into the contract that the lender has determined that they will not give the buyer a loan because the roof is damaged.

Talking about not have any leverage. We have to know about this ahead of time. So that you have options. Level 1 problems, If you don’t want to remodel the kitchen, bathroom or any repairs. Then the listing price of the home will have to be lower than the homes where remodeling has already been completed. Once I see the home, we can talk about all of these options in detail.

Lets talk about home values a bit and then we can talk about all the other details when I come to see you. Why is listing your home for the right price so important?

In the Dallas TX area, there are enough home buyers needing homes that all homes on the market, that are priced correctly should get sufficient showings to receive an offer. Enough showing is about 15-20. Here is briefly how it Works.

When a home is listed on MLS, a Real Estate Agent or Broker, calls CSS, Centralized Showing Service and requests approval to take their buyer to see a home. What my marketing does for you, is that I market your home through Social Media, YouTube, Google and all the Real Estate Portals and a buyer calls their agent and says I want to see this home and then their agent calls for the appointment.

Getting back to Home Value. All like homes, (like meaning, approx. square footage and year built). All of these like Homes within an area around your home, that have Sold in last 6 months are considered by an appraiser. We have to be concerned about appraisal value, when your home gets an offer and the buyers lender goes out to appraise your home, it must appraise for the Sold Price.

Lets say there are 6 homes, 2 homes have not been remodeled 2 homes with some remodel completed but carpet throughout. Then 2 of the homes with extensive remodel completed with wood floors. All bathrooms and kitchen new lighting and great interior lots. The price of these homes runs from 262K to 294K. Staying within the comparable.

The price of your home, which has some remodel will be in the middle range 262 & 294. That would be about 278K. There are always some plus categories to the 278K like you just had a new roof installed, or a new HVAC that buyers are crazy about. Maybe some minus areas like popcorn ceilings are a huge downer for buyers.

So you can see very clearly that getting a home value from a online portal is not a good home value. You can see that its impossible unless, I see your home and bring all the real comparable and pictures, then we will have a SELL MY HOME PRICE. One more item. I have told you that I am a participating Broker to several Real Estate Programs.

Do you know what we do for the Fire Fighters selling their homes? We only charges them 1.5% commission instead of 3% to list their Homes.

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