2 Main Reasons
Your Home Isn’t Selling

Reason Number 1 home isn’t selling: You overpriced your property

If a Home is Priced Reasonably and correctly it will sell

If your
house is overpriced, it’s simply not going to sell

Reason Number 2 home isn’t selling: Your Listing AGent was hired at Reduced Commission

If you are
planning to list your home below market and your home is well kept, in a good
location. You can hire a flat fee agent.

However, if
you want or need to get Top Dollar and your home doesn’t have all the latest
and greatest updates and isn’t located in an area that is booming

You are going to need marketing and marketing costs money. Successful Agents spend money to market their seller’s homes and successful agents do not reduce their commission.

So if you hire an agent that does reduce their commission, you can bet that you aren’t going to get your home advertised.

There are many reasons for a home isn’t selling.

Here are a few more reasons home isn’t selling

pet damage, smell the seller refused to negotiate

home needs cleaning empty homes
don’t show well

home is cluttered inside and outside, the home has too many personal items

home needs
repairs and updates

There are many reasons but a true listing professional should have told you about all of the issues your home has that may cause it not to sell. If they didn’t you may have chosen the wrong agent.

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