Introductory Text Describing The Problem – Example – “So you want to sell your home by yourself. Read this page to find out more about what’s up ahead.”

Option 1: Sell The Home Yourself

Paragraph describing what FSBO is – One Way to Sell Your Home is to Sell Your Property Yourself.

One Way to Sell Your Home is to Sell Your Property Yourself, Better known as FSBO. For Sale By Owner, also means your home will not be listed in the MLS. You most likely will pay a Realtor a Flat Fee to help with paperwork. Most FSBO Sellers negotiate a commission fee with a buyers agent to encourage them to bring a interested buyer to the table. Selling Your Home Yourself, takes a bit of work, You are now in charge of taking pictures to post online. Writing Property Descriptions and you still by law must complete a Sellers Disclosure. Selling the home yourself is an easy option if your home:

  1. Needs Substantial Repairs and Upgrades
  2. You Need To Sell Quickly – Below market homes will sell quickly to an investor. We all have heard of “We Buy Ugly Houses”. If a call is made to them, you can have your home sold in just a few days.
  3. You Understand You Will Be Selling Well Below Market Value
  4. If you want top dollar, and you want to sell quick, not a good option to sell your home by yourself. It takes market dollars and a market team to make Selling quick & For Top Dollar Happen.

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