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You have a Fabulous Home, Its not very old or it has been remodeled with all the latest and greatest. 

Granite Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops, stainless appliances, under-mount sink, wood floors in the main living area. Along with all of that,  you installed a fabulous outdoor living area and you want TOP DOLLAR & You want it to sell within a reasonable amount of time.

There is only one thing that is wrong, the location of the home is not in the best school district  in town. Other examples of not so buyer friendly are, uneven backyards, sloping backyards in any direction are a huge problem to sell. Other problems are master bedroom upstairs, homes that back to a busy street. In Texas homes that back to a commercial piece of land.  Other problems are getting to your home, Long commute times to work, crowded roads, numerous school zones.

Your Limited Service Agent, or an agent that says they are full service and don’t provide full service are not going to a have a chance in selling your home quickly. Go to the Previous Video on this page and watch that Limited Service.  I also go into Commission structures in detail in that video.

Lets just say if you want Top Dollar, you are going to need Full Service from your Real Estate Agent.

What is full service? Full Service means, as your listing broker,  I am going to spend money on advertising, money for videos, and copywriting and social media posting, and posting your home to 100’s of real estate portals and sending out thousands of emails every day to people within a certain radius of your home and calling all the prospects that have responded to the ads that I have placed. I have to pay all of these people, that work for me, to help me create enough interest in your home to get enough showings that you will receive an offer.

Lets talk a bit about pricing. If you are going to spend the effort to get your home Sold.  I am going to spend Effort & Money to Sell Your Home. I am going to send an Apprasier out to your property. They will provide their opinion of what the homes value is. Strictly off the record. What is on the Record is when you get your home under contract and the buyers lender sends the apprasier out and the value of your home falls 10,000 dollars short of the contract price.

The buyer and seller usually split the difference and the closing moves on. However there is a lot more to this, that time won’t let us begin to discuss. The buyer’s agents know that it won’t appraise and we will get not get enough showings to get a buyer to place an offer on the home.  Another item is that we want to get every last bit of money we can when the home is listed so the appraisal is going to help accomplish this as well.

What advertising does, for an example, Betty sees your home in a Facebook ad, she already has a real estate agent, so she calls her agent, and the agent calls for an appointment to see the home.  The agent takes a look at the property on the MLS and calls Betty back and says Betty we can still go see the home but the Master bedroom is on the second floor do you still want to see it. Betty says no, no reason to.  There can be a variety of items that the buyer is looking for and the agent tells the buyer about the home and no showing.

I can advertise your home by spending a few thousand dollars of advertising, but if the majority of buyers don’t want your home because of a hundred different reasons. They can see the pictures online, they can see they will have to paint, because they don’t like the beige color they want the more popular grayish tones.  They aren’t going to ask their agent to see the home.

OK, now you are seeing, why it is so difficult to get buyers to come see the home. It has to be everything they want and now, they are coming to see how the home flows. Coming to see what the neighborhood looks like, how far the commute is, if all of this is to their liking after they see the home. Their agent will but together an offer and see it to me as your listing agent and we will discuss the pros and cons of their offer.

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