Selling Your Home Using a Realtor and All Their Services

You have a fabulous home. It has been well-maintained, maybe been remodeled, so it has granite kitchen counter tops, updated bathrooms, stainless steel appliances. In addition, it has great amenities like a great outdoor living space with a pool. Because of this, you want to get top dollar for it when you sell it, and you want to do it in a reasonable amount of time.

You have only one problem. The location of the home is not in the best school district in town. Or maybe you have another problem. Maybe you have an uneven backyard that slopes in a specific direction causing you to have uneven land and a poor use of space. Maybe you are in a high traffic area, and that turns buyers away.

This is where having an experienced agent that can offer you all of their services will make the difference. If you use a service agent and limit their services to you, it can take much longer to sell your home, you may not attract the right buyers, or you may not have as much negotiating power.

What does it mean to use a real estate agent with full service?

Full service means you get all the power behind the agent.

  • You get to take advantage of the advertising your agent will run on your behalf to a much larger network than you can reach. Agents run ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, they email databases of interested buyer’s, they also work with networks of other agents to help spread the word.
  • An experienced agent will know the best way to set up your home for pictures and showings. Pictures are often the first impression, so getting these right is pivotal. Through pictures, most buyers will determine if they want to tour a property or not.
  • Your home will be listed on the MLS increasing the visibility to all of the other buyer’s and buyer’s agents working the market.
  • You get the power of the real estate portals your agent can work through.
  • You also get the access to all of the knowledge the agent has on how to prepare your home to sell quickly and garner the interest of buyers.
  • Experienced agents have negotiation skills to make sure you make the highest profit possible.
  • Access to a network of contractors that can help you make the most educated decisions, such as an appraiser who can help you make sure you list your property at the right price.

This last benefit is an important one. Not listing your property at the right price can lead to a whole set of problems once you list your home. It can mean that not enough buyers show up to view the property. If an interested buyer does take interest in your home and makes an offer, but the lenders appraisal comes in under the contract price, the seller and the buyer will often have to negotiate if this difference is paid by the seller, buyer or split. This will all delay the process.

Working with a real estate broker will take you one step above. A broker has more knowledge to help you work through all of the obstacles of selling a home, will have access to the best resources and can help make your home selling process even easier. f you like what you see here then fill out the form below:

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Using a Realtor with Full Service