Introductory Text Describing The Problem – Example – “So you need a little bit of help but not the full service, here is what you have to look forward to.”

Paragraph describing what selling your home with limited service offers – Another Way to Sell Your Home is to Ask for Reduced or Limited Service.

Better Known as Reduced Commission. Your home will be listed in the MLS. Depending on your reduced commission agent. You may be responsible for taking the pictures of the home.  I always pay for pictures because sellers just don’t understand that bad pictures showing up across the Internet and Videos made with bad pictures can keep your home from selling.  I hire a professional photographer to come take pictures.

Reduced Commission is a good option for sellers if they have a home that is located in a desired school district, desired City, desired location within the City.  Maybe Your home has a Pool, or and outdoor living center, or and extra bedroom with its own bath. Maybe you can price the home to be the lowest priced home in a high end s/d.  Those are all reasons that a reduced commission sale might work out perfectly for you.

Lets talk for a second about commission, I am in Dallas TX Area. Commission is usually 6%. The seller pays the listing agent and the buyers agent 3% each. In a reduced commission situation the buyers agent gets paid 3% however the listing agent takes a cut, most of the time its 2% instead of 3%.  I am a participating agent in the Firemans Real Estate Program, and I charge all the fireman and EMS and their families 1.5% to the listing agent. So that is quite a savings to my sellers. Keep in mind, if your home doesn’t fall into the category of easy to sell, then Reduced Commission will not work for you at all. Your home will sit on the market for a long time.  Sellers you need to understand that if their home backs to a busy road, for an example. Reduced commission is not going to get that home Sold. Now you understand.

I know there is one more thing that you don’t understand, what do I do in full commission that I don’t do in reduced commission.   

I spend money on advertising, I spend money on videos, and copywriting and social media posting, and posting your home to 100’s of real estate portals and sending out thousands of emails every day to people within a certain radius of your home. I have to pay all of these people, that work for me, to help me create enough interest in your home to get enough showings that you will receive an offer. (a bit of a secret, most agents give sellers reduced commission service on full commission agreements.

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